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Hello chess friends 🙂 

My name is Yuri Vovk! I am an international grandmaster in chess. I am an active chess player and coach.

You can find some of my best tournament achievements below:

GM Yuri Vovk photo.jpg
  • Joint winner (1-3 place) on “Lake Sevan Martuni” (12 FIDE category, Martuni, Armenia, 2007)

  • joint winner (1-2 place) on Vasylyshyn Memorial (10th  FIDE category, Lviv, Ukraine, 2007)

  • 1st place on “Savaria GM” (9th FIDE category, Szombathely, Hungary, 2008)

  • joint winner (1-3 place) on “80th Viktor Kart Jubilee” (8th FIDE category, Lviv, Ukraine, 2009)

  • 1st place on prestigious tournament “Cappelle-la-Grande open” France, 2009 (610 participants, 106 GMs, 76 IMs)

  • joint winner (1-4 place) on “Le Touquet open” (Le Touquet, France, 2009)

  • shared 2-4 place on 27e Open International de Cappelle-la-Grande (France, 2011)

  • shared 1-3 place on Open NK 2011 (Dieren NED)

  • winner on Vasylyshyn Memorial (10th FIDE category, Lviv, Ukraine, 2011)

  • winner on Festival “Dnipropetrovsk Autumn” in Memory of Alexander Moroz (2012)

  • shared 1-8 place on 29e Open International de Cappelle-la-Grande (France, 2013)

  • winner on 17° FESTIVAL “CITTÀ DI PADOVA” (Italy, 2014)

  • 5th place on the European Individual championship, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015 (250 participants, 113 GMs, 33 IMs)

  • winner on International open tournament “Petrovac 2015” (Petrovac, Montenegro, 2015)

  • winner on 4th Salento International Chess Open 2015 (Gallipoli, Italy, 2015)

  • 3rd place on 33rd Open Andorra Hotel St.Gothard (Erts, Andorra, 2015)

  • qualified to the World Cup 1/32 final, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2015 ( I passed GM Ray Robson in the 1/64 final and almost qualified to the 1/16 final, but blundered in the absolutely winning position against Wei Yi. You can find video analysis of this thrilling chess battle here )   

  • 9th place on the World Chess Blitz Championship, Berlin, Germany, 2015 (wins against Movsesian, Wojtaszek, Aronian, Vachier-Lagrave and draws against Leko, Svidler, Gelfand, Carlsen. I was on the first place just two rounds before the end, but two losses in a row to Kramnik and Nepomniachtchi spoiled my result)

  • 3rd place on the 3rd Krk Golden Island Open (Malinska, Croatia, 2015)

  • winner on 6th Salento International Chess Open 2017 (Gallipoli, Italy, 2017) 

  • winner on 23rd Leine International Rapid Chess Open 2017 (Hannover, Germany, 2017) 

  • 2nd place on International chess festival "Open cup of Lviv" Tournament A 2018 (Lviv, Ukraine, 2018)

  • 3rd place on International chess festival "Open cup of Lviv"(GM Norms) Tournament "E" 2018 (Lviv, Ukraine, 2018)

  • winner on 15th Vasylyshyn Memorial-GM 2018 ( Lviv, Ukraine, 2018)

  • winner on  Chess Title Chase 2019: Winter Edition-GM ( Lviv, Ukraine, 2019)

  • joint winner on Closed Grandmaster Tournament (GM Group) - Katowice Chess Festival 2019 (Katowice, Poland, 2019)

  • 2nd place on 16th Vasylyshyn Memorial-GM 2019 ( Lviv, Ukraine, 2019)

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