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Public Offer Agreement



This Agreement is an official Public Offer of the individual entrepreneur Yuri Vovk. (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor") for any person (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") who accepts this offer on the conditions specified below.


1. Terms and Definitions


1.1. For the purposes of this Agreement, t​he​ following terms and definitions are used in the following meaning:


"Offer" - this document, Public Offer of providing the educational content.


"Acceptance of Offer" means full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Offer by the Customer, by the methods provided for in clause 3 of this Offer.


"Chess lesson" is a service provided by the Contractor via the Internet, either in real time or in a recording, using the voice and video software mutually agreed by the Contractor and the Customer


2. Subject of the Public Offer Agreement


2.1. The subject of this Agreement is the paid provision of private or group chess lessons to the Customer


2.2. Cost and terms of chess lessons are available at


2.3. Information and other materials, including electronic media, audio and video recordings, provided to the Customer by the Contractor within the framework of the provision of the Services under this Agreement, are provided exclusively for personal use by the Customer. In the event that the Customer allows the dissemination of this information, he is liable to the Contractor for losses caused by the fact of information distribution in the ways specified in clause 9.2.


2.4. The Contractor has the right to change the terms of this Public Offer without prior agreement with the Customer, while ensuring the publication of the modified terms on the Contractor's website, as well as in the publicly available place for reading these documents, at least 5 (five) days before they are put into operation.


Continuing to use the chess lessons after the relevant changes take effect, the Customer expresses its consent to the new terms.


2.5. This agreement has the force of an Agreement on the provision of services.


3. Acceptance of the Offer


3.1. The Customer makes an Acceptance of the Offer by 100% payment of the Contractor's Services, in respect of which the Offer Contract is concluded, subject to the conditions described in clause 5 of this Offer.


3.2. By accepting this offer, the Customer confirms that the Contractor's rendering of the Services under this Agreement fully corresponds to the Customer's ability to use the Services rendered in this way.

The Customer undertakes to independently ensure the availability of software on his personal computer and the technical means necessary for the chess lesson.


4. General Conditions for Service Provision


4.1. The Contractor renders the Service to the Customer only if the following conditions are met:


4.1.1. The customer accepted the Public Offer in the way of paying the Contractor the amount of 100% of the chess lessons price. Duration of the lesson is mutually agreedby the Contractor and the Customer


4.2. The service is provided to the Customer in the amount corresponding to the amount of payment made by him in the following order:


- individual chess lessons (in the case of paying for the individual chess lessons)


- group chess lessons (in the case of paying for the group chess lessons)


4.3. These Services are not subject to licensing, are not accompanied by the conduct of final certification, the assignment of any qualification and the issuance of an education certificate.


5. Cost of Services and Settlement Procedure


5.1. The cost of the services is listed at




5.2. Payment for the Contractor’s Services is made by the Customer in advance in the amount of 100% of the price of the Contractor’s Services.


5.3. Payment is made by transferring money to the settlement account of the Contractor by using the payment methods mentioned at


5.4. The moment of payment is considered the receipt of funds to the settlement account of the Contractor.


5.5. Paying for a chess lesson implies one-time payment without further automatic debiting of funds from the Customer’s card.


6. Refund of Payments


6.1. In the event of the Customer's refusal of the Contractor's services, the money received by the Contractor are not returned to the Customer.


6.2. Refund Policy:


The customer receives the refund for the unused prepaid chess lessons in the case of the Contractor’s refusal to prolong the cooperation with the Customer;


In the absence of these return conditions specified in this clause, the Contractor has the right to refuse to satisfy the Customer's demand.


6.3. The Contractor refuses to satisfy the application for refund if it is submitted by the Customer for the following reasons:


- change of the interests and priorities of the Customer;


- the software on the Customer's personal computer and its technical means do not allow using chess lessons provided by the Contractor


6.4. The decision on refund or refusal to return money is accepted by the Contractor within 5 (five) working days from the moment the Contractor receives a written application from the Contractor for refund. The written application should be sent to the mailbox


6.5. The funds are returned to the account of the Customer, from which the payment was made, or to another account as agreed by the Parties.


7. Rights and Obligations of the Parties


7.1. The Contractor undertakes:


7.1.1. To ensure the performance of the Services in the proper quality, in the way agreed upon by the parties.


7.1.2. To provide the Customer with additional complementary files (puzzles, different kinds of homework,etc.). Above-mentioned files is a subject to availability.


7.2. The Contractor has the right:


7.2.1. To change terms of this public offer without prior agreement with the Customer.


7.2.2. To suspend the provision of Services to the Customer under this Agreement (terminate the provision of chess lessons to the Customer) in the case of a violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Customer


7.2.3. To close the Customer’s access to the Contractor's services without the right for the refund in the case of a breach by the Customer of the requirements of this Agreement, including the use by the Customer of profanity during the chess lessons, general appeals to the Contractor's mistrust on the Internet, insulting the Contractor, the fact that the Customer violated the exclusive copyright of the Contractor.


7.3. The Customer undertakes:


7.3.1. To observe all the rules for obtaining the Services set by the Contractor for this Offer.


7.3.2. To ensure a sufficient amount of funds on their bank account to pay the lesson fee.


7.3.3. Not to distribute information materials received during the provision of the Services, nor record them on audio and / or video media. In the event that the Customer allows the dissemination of this information, he is liable to the Contractor for losses caused by the fact of distribution of information, including lost profit of the Contractor.



7.4. The Customer has the right:


7.4.1. To receive the Contractor’s Services in the way specified in this Agreement


7.4.2. To request a refund under the conditions specified in this Agreement


8. Terms and Changes to the Offer


8.1. This Offer comes into force from the moment of acceptance by the Customer of the Acceptance of the Offer and is valid until full fulfillment of obligations by the Parties.


8.2. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the Contractor has the right to make changes to the Offer at any time and it is the Customer’s responsibility to follow the changes to the Offer.


8.3. Continuing to use the chess lessons after the relevant changes take effect, the Customer expresses its consent to the terms of this contract in a new edition.



9. Responsibilities of the Parties


9.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement​,​ the Parties are liable, in accordance with the current legislation of the place of registration of the Contractor.


9.2. All disputes and disagreements that may arise out of or in connection with this Offer must be resolved through negotiations between the Parties. If it is not possible to reach an agreement through negotiations, the Parties apply to the court at the place of registration of the Contractor.


9.3. Without violating the above, the Contractor shall be released from liability for violation of the conditions of this Offer, if such violation is caused by force majeure circumstances, including: actions of public authorities (including adoption of legal acts), fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, lack of electricity and / or computer network malfunctions, strikes, civil unrest, unrest, any other circumstances, not limited to those listed above, which may affect the performance of the performer of this agreement.


9.4. Payment under this Offer means acceptance of all conditions (points) listed above.


10. Contact Information



Individual entrepreneur Yuri Vovk

Lviv, Ukraine



Inquiries accepted at:

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